About The Book

Are You Confused By The Conflicting Supplement Claims?
If So, This Book Is For You.

You want to know whether supplementation makes sense for you and your family, but it is so confusing. On the internet everyone is an expert. How do you sort through the claims and counter claims? Who should you believe? What is the truth?

  • Are supplements going to cure you, or kill you?
  • Is fish oil good for you, or is it really snake oil?
  • Are supplements a good investment, or a waste of money?
  • Do you get all the nutrients you need from food, or not?
  • Who benefits from supplementation, and who doesn’t?

This book gives you science-backed answers to these questions and much more. It guides you through the maze of claims and counter-claims, so you can choose a supplement program that is best for you.

It Is Buyer Beware In The Supplement Industry

Did you know that some supplement companies:

  • Manufacture products that are worthless or contaminated?
  • Have no proof their products are either safe or effective?
  • Manufacture products they know are dangerous?
  • Make claims they know are not true? They lie to you.

This book shines a light into the dark corners of the supplement industry and guides you through the maze of incompetence, lies, and deception, so you can choose supplements that are both safe and effective.

Dr. Chaney is:

  • A bestselling author of the book “Slaying The Food Myths”
  • An award-winning professor who taught human metabolism and nutrition to medical students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for 40 years.
  • An internationally recognized scientist who has published over 100 research studies and reviews in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • An author who wrote two chapters on nutrition for the first 6 editions of one of the leading biochemistry textbooks for medical students and currently publishes a weekly health and nutrition blog called “Health Tips From the Professor”
  • A sought-after speaker on holistic approaches to health.

In his 40+ years of teaching medical students and public speaking, Dr. Chaney realized just how confusing supplementation was to the average person. He understands your confusion. He understands your pain. His mission is to cut through the hype and confusion and slay the supplement myths. He is dedicated to giving you the truth about supplementation.

In this book he has searched the scientific literature to provide you with accurate answers to your supplement questions. He will guide you through the maze of claims and counter claims, so you can decide if supplementation is right for you and, if so, which supplement program that is best for you.

He will also guide you through the hype, incompetence, and deception in the supplement industry, so you can choose supplements that are both safe and effective.

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